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“Awesome experience all around. Staff is friendly, the cleaning went well and was easy - Jill is super great. Dr. Konecny is nice and easy going. He even filled my cavity in 20 minutes - I felt no pain. Glad we found our new family dentist upon moving to Sarasota.”

Erica FreeburgGoogle Reviewer

“Referrals are the bread and butter of being in business as I well know! About 20 years ago, my sons referred my wife and me to Dr Konecny. My pastor, my brother, and sister-in-law joined us - a family affair, and we are well satisfied. Tom to me is well-trained. He attended Georgetown U school of dentistry, and has many years of successful practice. He’s fair, somewhat artistic and quite creative.”

Cope Garrett

“Loved my experience here . Very informative and honest every step of the way. I had bonding done on 3 teeth and it changed my smile in the best way! Highly recommend!”

Amber BlakeGoogle Reviewer

“Dr Konecny, the hygienist and staff are the best! They are friendly, happy and polite, always addressing me by my first name like a friend. They explain the procedures to me and very patiently answer all my questions. The thing that impressed me the most was one of my annual visits I had parked my car and was getting out when I heard a male voice call me by my first name like a friend. Looking around I saw Dr Konecny walking toward the building. I feel like I am going to visit a trusted friend of the family instead of my dentist.”

Joan Drymon

“What a great experience I had today with Konecny. He is an amazing dentist, so very helpful and very knowledgeable I've been to many dentists and have never felt like I could smile from ear to ear like I can now. Thank you all so much and the staff are so super.
Will never go anywhere else.”

Jackie WolfeGoogle Reviewer